June 1, 2021, As residential building consultants and home owners celebrate National Homeownership Month in June, your local certified NAFHAC member Walter L. Williams (HUD ID # P1528) wants you to know that in addition to having a place to call home and a sense of community, many people buy or refinance homes in needContinue reading “CELEBRATE NATIONAL HOMEOWNERSHIP MONTH”

Happy New Year – 2018

Editor note… Happy New Year everyone. It’s been three years since my last blog and I did not want to publish just anything so I’m letting you in on my biggest project in People, Places & Things history. In the coming months you will have information on the next phase of PPT and it willContinue reading “Happy New Year – 2018”

Happy New Year – Neighborhoods

How to define a “Neighborhood”? The Webster dictionary terms it as A: the people living near one another and B: a section lived in by neighbors and usually having distinguishing characteristics When a house gets strip or gutted, it affects more than just the property value. It affects the community and the City surrounding thatContinue reading “Happy New Year – Neighborhoods”

New updates on “People, Places & Things LLC” web site. We’re moving…

Well not everything however… Due to the continue upgrades and updates within People, Places & Things LLC as a “unique home solution”, we have divided our design business and home inspection business. For now on, any “Home Inspection, Home Modification or HUD 203K Consultant” information, news, blogs and other things “home services” can now beContinue reading “New updates on “People, Places & Things LLC” web site. We’re moving…”

New updates on “People, Places & Things LLC” web site

I have gave my web site a modest update so I can give you more product content for you to perused and use. On the “Design Service” link, I added a picture gallery on some of my design work. On the “Home Service” side, I cleaned up some items from the last update in MarchContinue reading “New updates on “People, Places & Things LLC” web site”

New updates on “Home Services”

Happy 2012. We have updated our “Home Services” site so we can give you more product content for you to perused and use. Please kick the tires and please give me some feed back on what you see. More exciting updated are coming. Please visit us at: http://www.pptdesign.com/home

Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?

Editors Note… Part 4 is the final in the series: “Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?” Please comment if you have any questions and comments and please enjoy the blog. Part 4 – Credit, credit and more credit When we started this case study, I’ve talk about staying in your home as a viable solution. DesignContinue reading “Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?”

Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?

Part 3 – Recommending a sound course of action Let’s review the previous case study:  The client’s 1940’s suburban bungalow home has two bedrooms, an entryway and a porch on the east side of the home. The kitchen, dining and living room are on the west side of the home. There is only attic spaceContinue reading “Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?”

Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?

Part 2 – Inspecting your current environment As a “Design Professional”, it is much easier to design an Aging-In-Place (AIP) solution for a newly created design home. For instance, the first thing I have to find out from this client is how long he/she will be staying in their new home and then all IContinue reading “Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?”

Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?

Part 1 – A familiar story… As with many consumers whom decided to make that plunge to design and build your dream home, think about the number of hours you put in: to settle on a design, interview with various builders before settling on the one, getting financing and picking out the decorum, etc… ThenContinue reading “Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?”