Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?

Part 3 – Recommending a sound course of action

Let’s review the previous case study:  The client’s 1940’s suburban bungalow home has two bedrooms, an entryway and a porch on the east side of the home. The kitchen, dining and living room are on the west side of the home. There is only attic space on the second floor. One family member has to move around in a wheelchair and needs to get around effortlessly. Their budget is modest.

Let’s take a real, good look at what we have…

First, let’s start off with today’s housing market. Due to the price of existing residential properties and the availability of foreclosed homes, the price point to remodel a home may be too expensive to do. The case study above has doors and a hallway that is too small to accommodate a wheelchair. The kitchen and bathroom needs to be updated to accommodate the family. The entryway has to be functional too. There could also be a larger or more modern home in the same neighborhood that could accommodate the needs of the family.

Let’s take a look at what we can do with the bungalow.

Option 1: Remodel the inner shell of the home…

Depending on the features, this may be the least expensive option. The upside, of remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, widening the door frames and adding a concrete ramp on the front door, it to achieve a viable solution. The client can save money by doing some of the work themselves. For instance, they can do the demolition of the kitchen and the bathroom.

Option 2: Adding an addition…

One of the downsides of option 1 is to widening the doorways to a 3 foot solution, may go into the structural wall, adding an unexpected cost. By adding an addition to the home, the client will have solved couple of design solutions. Adding an addition on the rear of the home (say a 12 foot by 12 foot footprint) will create a new accessible entryway and a master bedroom. One of the bedrooms will be converting into a master bathroom and closet to make it comfortable for the client and caregiver to navigate around the home. Also remodeling the kitchen and a modest upgrading to the existing bathroom will help achieve a viable solution. The cost of the addition can double or triple the cost of option 1, depending on material.

Option 3: Look at a new home…

Nobody wants to move out of their home but in reality moving to another home that will fit your needs maybe an attractive option. The cost of a home is at the lowest price point in history. With a modest renovation, you may save and get a better home than what you currently have. You can stay in your neighborhood or find another community altogether.

Of course, none of these things matter if you cannot get the loan.

Published by Walter L. Williams

I am a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) and I’m able to incorporating Universal Design and Green Technology principals into my residential designs. I am also a Certified Professional Building Designer and a HUD 203k Consultant. Specialties: Building Design, Residential Design, Universal Design, Aging in Place Specialist, Home Modification, Home Inspection, HUD 203k Consultant, Space Planning, CAD and Drafting.

2 thoughts on “Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?

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