Happy New Year – 2018

Editor note… Happy New Year everyone. It’s been three years since my last blog and I did not want to publish just anything so I’m letting you in on my biggest project in People, Places & Things history. In the coming months you will have information on the next phase of PPT and it willContinue reading “Happy New Year – 2018”

Happy New Year – Neighborhoods

How to define a “Neighborhood”? The Webster dictionary terms it as A: the people living near one another and B: a section lived in by neighbors and usually having distinguishing characteristics When a house gets strip or gutted, it affects more than just the property value. It affects the community and the City surrounding thatContinue reading “Happy New Year – Neighborhoods”

The hijacking of the profession called “architecture”…

Part 2 – Whose idea was it for us to do “free design consultation”? There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Milton Friedman Asking builders why they offer free design to potential clients is like reading the same book over and over again. Some will say that they do it because they have to,Continue reading “The hijacking of the profession called “architecture”…”

The hijacking of “architecture” – sidebar

Editors Note… Before I go further, I would like to say “Thank You” for all of the responses that I received on my last blog post. First off, as you all must know that the most talked about piece was the differences between license and non-license in residential architecture. I need to stress that theContinue reading “The hijacking of “architecture” – sidebar”

The hijacking of the profession called “architecture”…

Part 1 – Why can I not use the term “architect” but an IT person can? From the “duckdown.blogspot.com web site” Look up the term “architect” on CareerBuilder.com and here what you find…Click on “Narrow search” and you will find 110 IT entries that is using the term, out of 55 design topics, none ofContinue reading “The hijacking of the profession called “architecture”…”