Residential & Lt. Commercial Drafting

Residential & Lt. Commercial Drafting:

Working with Architectural, Engineering and Construction community and Builders, we create construction documents for the client to presented to the building department for approval.

Client’s Responsibilities:

All construction plans will meet or exceed to the latest Michigan Residential Code (MRC) or other codes as applies. Some local laws, regulations, and applications may vary. Heat and air calculations should be supplied by a local contractor to meet local conditions. Specifications of the construction may be complied if required. Local authorities may require may require an architectural or a engineer’s seal or stamp. You will be responsible for working directly with and providing construction plans to the engineer for these services and fees.

First time consultation is “free” (up to 1 hour). Please see the Gallery section for samples of my work.

Call us at “313-399-7016”, e-mail us at “” or leave your information below under “leave a reply” for a schedule appointment.

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