Is your home “Aging-In-Place” ready?

Part 1 – A familiar story…

As with many consumers whom decided to make that plunge to design and build your dream home, think about the number of hours you put in: to settle on a design, interview with various builders before settling on the one, getting financing and picking out the decorum, etc… Then after all of the process is done and the project is finally finish, and you get the keys to your “dream home”, do you think about how long you will stay in that home? At that moment you think “forever”?

But as we get older, we talk about converting our “dream home” into an “Aging-In-Place” home as a viable solution. However, by adding a wood ramp to an entrance or placing a grab bar in the bathroom and called it an “Aging-In-Place” solution is at best a short term solution. As most Design Professionals know, homes designed before 1970 that is not a “ranch” style home will have a hard time converting it into an “Aging-In-Place” solution.

A typical Bungalow can be a challange to create an “Aging-In-Place” solution.

Hard? Yes, but not impossible.

Working in an urban or an older suburban community setting, the possibility of staying in your current home can work if the consumer can be honest with themselves. This series of possible solutions will help the consumer focus on the following factors…

–          Inspecting your current environment.

–          Recommending a sound course of action

–          Pricing between a remodel, replacement or moving

–          Credit, credit and more credit

–          Types of financing (FHA, personal financing, reverse mortgage, where the home is going, etc…)

–          Endgame

This series can aide you to give an honest assessment on what the proper course of action you need to make before you comment to a life changing event. If you have any questions or comments, please post them.

Let’s us explore…

Published by Walter L. Williams

I am a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) and I’m able to incorporating Universal Design and Green Technology principals into my residential designs. I am also a Certified Professional Building Designer and a HUD 203k Consultant. Specialties: Building Design, Residential Design, Universal Design, Aging in Place Specialist, Home Modification, Home Inspection, HUD 203k Consultant, Space Planning, CAD and Drafting.

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